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Telling Your Business, Career, and life Stories, Without the Word Count

We help clients tell their career and life stories through business feature content. In doing so, we help you build trust with your customers and target audience.


Customers need to trust your brand. The best way to earn that trust is by telling your story, honestly.

Let us share your story today.

A Letter From Our Owner

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Welcome to Hirst Media!

I'm Matt Hirst, here to tell you a little about myself. Ideally, you'll like my style and story. Then, if so, I'm hoping you'll let me tell yours.


You can find more information about me via my LinkedIn, as well as the button below.


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Earn Your Leisure

At Earn Your Leisure, Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings are revolutionizing financial education as we know it.


Born of their mutual desire to do a better job of teaching financial literacy, the two combined to launch the Earn Your Leisure Podcast in January of 2019.

Jake Tayler Jacobs

Jake Tayler Jacobs

Jacobs is a financial strategist, coach, speaker, and author of two books.


He's also the president of ABS Brokers, and co-founder of The ABS Institute and the Black World Order, both of which he created with friend and partner Brother Ben X.

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Johnny Marines

Johnny Marines' claim to fame was his success managing one of the hottest Latin music groups ever - Aventura.


On top of that, he's a Music Executive, 3X Billboard Latin Power Player, and Angel/Real Estate Investor. He also attended Harvard Business School and has hosted talks for TEDx.

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Brian Adamson

Brian Adamson is the founder and leading educator for BBR Education Group.


BBR is a real estate education firm started in 2018 that works to help new and seasoned investors start and maintain their real estate investment careers. 

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Marquel Russell

Marquel Russell - known as the King of Client Attraction - is a rapid business growth strategist, speaker, and coach.


He is the creator and founder of marketing consultancy Client Attraction University.

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Products and Services

We are currently working to find our priority newswire/PR distribution partners and are open to helping you find more affordable solutions in the meanwhile.

Packages below include the retail price of $500/article. We bill at five hours per article, which helps us cover our bases in terms of both time and being able to tell your story without a word count limit (for shorter article packages, please reach out):

- up to two hours for the interview
- up to two hours for audio transcription
- up to two hours for writing the article. All articles include SEO research, as well as management of the publishing process and data reports on the article’s performance.

Our online checkout will be completed soon. For now, please reach out via the contact form below.


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