A Letter From Our Owner

matt hirst, irving fire.jpg

Welcome to Hirst Media!

I'm Matt Hirst, here to tell you a little about myself. Ideally, you'll like my style and story. Then, if so, I'm hoping you'll let me tell yours.


You can find more information about me on LinkedIn.


Hirst Media was founded in 2019 by yours truly, with the intent to provide basic content, marketing, and web design services. I was tired of writing freelance online and for a couple of Dallas-Fort Worth newspapers on top of my day job and wanted to take more power into my own hands. Heck, I also wanted to make more money. Writing online isn't a bad way to do that.


Soon after, in early 2020, I found common ground with a coworker over the frustrations of freelance and contracting work and what we wanted to do in life. We discussed dreams of owning a business, which led us to found Fortnight Solutions, a data analytics and management firm. This company would lean into our experience as big eCommerce database analysts while also working to provide lower-cost data and development solutions we found unavailable elsewhere.


Unfortunately, this was at the beginning of COVID, and we ended up losing our first few clients over budget concerns. This forced us to act quickly, and we pivoted toward the marketing agency world. Relying upon my partner and I's data expertise and expanding development capability (JavaScript help, anyone?), complimented by my writing, marketing, and brief web design experience, we dove into offering these and adjacent services within the Wix environment. 


Earlier this year, we merged with a web designer, but our efforts failed. My partner and I hoped to take more ownership of the data, development, and marketing side of things while beefing up our quality of product on the design side. However, after some four months, we realized the merger wasn't working. Furthermore, it left us unsatisfied. We had overextended ourselves, stepping too far away from the things we did best, and the group was struggling to fail forward.


In the time since our merger fell apart, and for a long time before, we learned a lot - about ourselves, about others, and about what we wanted to do. We learned how success isn't easy, that failure has many components, and that it's hard to move forward without a solid plan. But, perhaps most importantly, we realized just how badly we needed to return to our strengths and get our own houses in order.

For me, I also realized I was no longer enjoying my time. We'd been busting our chops to build a business, forgoing pay to make hires and help each other out, yet I had left the work I liked most by the wayside. That work - meeting people, learning about their business, picking their brains, learning as a young entrepreneur, and writing about all of it in a powerful way - was what brought me to founding Hirst Media in the first place.

For me, the fallout meant refinding my love for writing. Originally, I intended to write business features like I did for Kyle Dendy at Dendy Media, just under my own roof so I could take more ownership of the quality of both articles and publishing timelines. I didn't leave Dendy Media because I didn't enjoy the work; it was because I loved it so much I wanted to take it to the next level.


I had already been given free rein as a writer, but I wanted to do it my way. Why had I forgotten? Here's to bringing my dreams alive.


I hope you enjoyed my story and that I struck a chord. We all have beautiful experiences and knowledge to share, and I want to help spread your message. You never know whom your message will reach, be it customers, new friends, or strategic partners.

Kind Regards,

Matt Hirst